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We do what we do because of simple math.  First, we understand that there are people in desperate need of help on a number of fronts - basic things that we may take for granted.  food, shelter, access to education and access to decent employment opportunities. Second, we are all aware of the number of used vehicles in this country that sometimes are simply left to rust because newer vehicles have replaced them.  Finally, we also realize that a number of hard-working folks are forced to deal with often-times unreliable public transportation.

The solution for all of the above: allow those un-needed vehicles to be donated so that they can be affordably sold to those who need transportation - then take the bulk of the cash from the vehicle sales and fund charities that provide services to those in need.  Then top it all off with the satisfaction and tax benefits for those who are generous enough to make a way for all of this to happen!



We make donating your used car simple and easy.  When you call us to donate a car, we take on all of the work. 


We use local towing services to pick up donated vehicles, so you don't even have to leave your home and we'll provide you with a receipt for your donation (so you can get the full tax benefits that you deserve for your donation).


We'll handle all of the details - making it possible for many of your favorite charities to flourish & a deserving family to gain the benefits and independence of having their very own vehicle.



In the last twelve months, car donations have allowed us help nearly 2 million people who are in desperate need.  Your car donation will help to fund organizations that provide 500,000 hot meals per year to those who might otherwise go without.  Your car donation will help to provide shelter to over 300,000 adults and children who literally have nowhere to go.  Your car donation will help thousands of homeless military veterans to get training for a new job so that they can pull themselves up.  Your car donation will help over 200,000 forgotten seniors get housing and long-term care. Your car donation will enable youth and community programs that reach untold thousands. 

And, your car donation will provide You with the satisfaction of giving back and helping those who simply need a little help.  On top of all this, you'll also recognize the maximum donation for you vehicle - creating a win for everyone!


Free pick up service for any donated vehicle in the tri-county area.



A complete record of the donation, used or taxes.

Knowing that all donations help families in need.



Houston TX USA

TEL: (713) 842-9449  |  INFO@MYSITE.COM

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